Harold Green x Patterson Co.

Harold Green has recently partnered with Patterson & Co. out of Boston! Please be sure to check out our commercial with them and to visit their site for the latest in Men’s fashion.


“HAROLD GREEN: New Age Lyricist, Modern Day Renaissance Man” | Tom Joyner Show Blog Post

The hard work continues to pay off! Today, Harold and the #FFTL crew made it on Tom Joyner’s Website! Click the photo below to read the full story.


“The Soul of Otis Redding is in Chicago”
The Ellen Show Blog Post

As of this Wednesday, Harold and the #FFTL crew made it on the Ellen Show blog. Click below to read.


Flowers For The Living: A Retrospective

Day 14 | Al Green “Love and Happiness” (Cover) | ft. The Ones | #FFTL2014

Day 13 | John Legend “Made to Love” (Cover) | ft. Prince Jericho | #FFTL2014

Day 12 | Mapei “Don’t Wait” (Cover) | ft. Torri Griffin | #FFTL2014

Day 11 | Drake ft. Jhene Aiko “Mirrors” (Cover) | ft. Lili K. | #FFTL2014

Day 10 | Justin Timberlake “Mirrors” (Cover) | ft. Dee Wilson & Erthe St. James | #FFTL2014

Day 9 | Kanye West “New Slaves” (Cover) | ft. Prince Jericho | #FFTL2014

Day 8 | Beyonce ft. Frank Ocean “Superpower” (Cover) | ft. Torri Griffin | #FFTL2014

Day 7 | Pharrell “Happy” (Cover) | ft. Erthe St. James | #FFTL2014

Day 6 | Janelle Monae ft. Miguel “Primetime” (Cover) | ft. Lili K. | #FFTL2014

Day 5 | James Blake “Retrograde” (Cover) | ft. Prince Jericho | #FFTL2014

Day 4 | The Neighbourhood “Sweater Weather” (Cover) | ft. Dee Wilson | #FFTL2014

Day 3 | Otis Redding “Try a Little Tenderness/Otis” (Cover) | ft. The Ones | #FFTL2014

Day 2 | SZA/Nirvana “Teen Spirit” (Cover) | ft. Torri Griffin | #FFTL2014

Day 1 | Chance the Rapper ft. Noname Gypsy “Lost” (Cover) | ft. Lili K | #FFTL2014


“Something to Live For” Shot by Adrian Walker

H.N.I.C “Flowers the Living EP” NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES!!! (Click Artwork for Link)

FFTL Cover

+NEW MUSIC+ “Pasta Necklace” prod. by SureKnock Jones

Fireworks in the Rain (FITR) ft. Torri Griffin (Official Video)

“The Day I Lost My Job Section 4: Triumph”

(Click Picture for Download)

“The Day I Lost My Job Section 3: Confusion”

(Click Picture for FREE DOWNLOAD)


“Love Her Not” ft. Mama Sol (Official Video)

“The Day I Lost My Job Section 2: ANGER”

(Click Picture for FREE DOWNLOAD)

“Serpent Killa” ft. Charisma DeGrande Diva

 “The Day I Lost My Job: Section 1 Denial”

(Click picture for FREE DOWNLOAD) 

“Naked” ft. BJ the Chicago Kid

“The Day I Lost My Job EPK”

Flowers for the Living 2011 Mixtape (Free Download)

Color Line Vol. 2 Mixtape (Free Download)

  1. Hazel Gill says:

    New fan for life! #simpleasthat

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