“The Soul of Otis Redding is in Chicago”
The Ellen Show Blog Post

As of this Wednesday, Harold and the #FFTL crew made it on the Ellen Show blog. Click below to read.


Flowers For The Living: A Retrospective

Day 14 | Al Green “Love and Happiness” (Cover) | ft. The Ones | #FFTL2014

Day 13 | John Legend “Made to Love” (Cover) | ft. Prince Jericho | #FFTL2014

Day 12 | Mapei “Don’t Wait” (Cover) | ft. Torri Griffin | #FFTL2014

Day 11 | Drake ft. Jhene Aiko “Mirrors” (Cover) | ft. Lili K. | #FFTL2014

Day 10 | Justin Timberlake “Mirrors” (Cover) | ft. Dee Wilson & Erthe St. James | #FFTL2014

Day 9 | Kanye West “New Slaves” (Cover) | ft. Prince Jericho | #FFTL2014

Day 8 | Beyonce ft. Frank Ocean “Superpower” (Cover) | ft. Torri Griffin | #FFTL2014

Day 7 | Pharrell “Happy” (Cover) | ft. Erthe St. James | #FFTL2014

Day 6 | Janelle Monae ft. Miguel “Primetime” (Cover) | ft. Lili K. | #FFTL2014

Day 5 | James Blake “Retrograde” (Cover) | ft. Prince Jericho | #FFTL2014

Day 4 | The Neighbourhood “Sweater Weather” (Cover) | ft. Dee Wilson | #FFTL2014

Day 3 | Otis Redding “Try a Little Tenderness/Otis” (Cover) | ft. The Ones | #FFTL2014

Day 2 | SZA/Nirvana “Teen Spirit” (Cover) | ft. Torri Griffin | #FFTL2014

Day 1 | Chance the Rapper ft. Noname Gypsy “Lost” (Cover) | ft. Lili K | #FFTL2014


“Something to Live For” Shot by Adrian Walker

H.N.I.C “Flowers the Living EP” NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES!!! (Click Artwork for Link)

FFTL Cover

+NEW MUSIC+ “Pasta Necklace” prod. by SureKnock Jones

Fireworks in the Rain (FITR) ft. Torri Griffin (Official Video)

“The Day I Lost My Job Section 4: Triumph”

(Click Picture for Download)

“The Day I Lost My Job Section 3: Confusion”

(Click Picture for FREE DOWNLOAD)


“Love Her Not” ft. Mama Sol (Official Video)

“The Day I Lost My Job Section 2: ANGER”

(Click Picture for FREE DOWNLOAD)

“Serpent Killa” ft. Charisma DeGrande Diva

 “The Day I Lost My Job: Section 1 Denial”

(Click picture for FREE DOWNLOAD) 

“Naked” ft. BJ the Chicago Kid

“The Day I Lost My Job EPK”

Flowers for the Living 2011 Mixtape (Free Download)

Color Line Vol. 2 Mixtape (Free Download)

  1. Hazel Gill says:

    New fan for life! #simpleasthat

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