Harold Green

Memorable Spoken Word Artist… Captivating Lyricist… Compelling Motivational Speaker… Inspirational Playwright…Thrilling Actor…New Age Poet…Modern day RENAISSANCE MAN…

…all describe the unique talents of Harold Green III. Endowed with an array of gifts, Harold is one of the most versatile artists this generation has seen. Harold Green is forever evolving as an artist, and refuses to be placed in a box. Green’s ability to speak cogently, in great detail, and with such passion further defines him as a uniquely chosen vessel – one totally engulfed in his lyrics and transforms them into undeniable masterpieces!

Green has appeared on many major blogs such as: FakeShore Drive, 2DopeBoyz, The Ellen Show Blog, and Black America Web (Tom Joyner). He co-hosts a popular open mic in the south loop of Chicago called “SoulSpeak” with Lawrence “Binkey” Tolfree. Green has performed at universities across the nation including, but not limited to: Grambling State University, Quincy University, Howard University, Iowa University, Nicholls State University, and University of Illinois at Chicago.

Green has written four full-length plays, and starred in over a dozen. His first book is entitled “From Englewood, With Love”. He has been apart of innovative groups such as Black Orchard, Fatboy Skinny, and a collaboration with his songstress wife, Charisma Sweat-Green, HNIC – Harold N’ the Incredible Charisma.

The most important thing is that Harold Green is a creator, a constant creator. He is a visionary that brings ideas to life. His words will bear hug you and force you to make eye contact. Once you get hooked on Harold Green’s art it won’t let you go, because he won’t give you that chance. Welcome to the Green Room.